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How do I determine level of wear?Updated a year ago

Level of Wear:

Never Worn - Your shoes were purchased new but never worn. No visible imperfections or signs of use. If you have the original tags or box, note that in the description and/or photos.

Like New — Your shoes were worn only a few times. They are in excellent condition with barely any sign of wear. You might see minor wear on the soles without any scuffs on the uppers.

Great — Your shoes are in great shape with only minor signs of wear. Worn a handful of times, but you’ve taken good care of them. You might see some wear on the soles and subtle scuffs on the uppers.

Good — Your shoes are well-loved with subtle signs of wear and modest creasing but many miles to go. We do not accept shoes that have lost their shape or tread or have any odor, holes, or other major flaws.

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